Pokémon Fashion is a Thing

I’m not really one for fashion. I see to it that I wear the appropriate number of articles of clothing and strive to wear something different every day. Beyond that I’m lost. Some other people take this whole fashion thing very seriously. There are many people who make a profession out of it such as hair stylists, dress designers, or even those people you see on TV who tell you that you’re an idiot for dressing the way you do, then proceed to dress you like you’re an infant and can’t manage yourself. Well, if there was one type of fashion I would not have guessed existed, it would be a fashion trend based solely around the children’s cartoon Pokémon. From the looks of it, they have every bit of clothing and any kind of accessory you’d never need. Again, fashion is not for me. But based on the main picture in this article, I decided to take a closer look. Here are nine articles of clothing – Poké-style.

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