Parking in Front of a Fire Hydrant is a Bad Idea

So you’ve circled the block twelve times searching for a parking spot. There would be plenty of room if someone didn’t park in the middle of a space big enough for two cars. Part of you is almost wishing you were handicapped and if a temporary self-diagnosed mental handicap would suffice. And that’s the point where it happens. You turn a corner and see an open space ahead. You drag race ahead and stop just ahead of your target. Success! You put your car in reverse and look out the rear window.


It can’t be! Not a fire hydrant in the only space you can find. Now most people would journey onward. Hint: That’s why the space is open. But not everyone is so bright. Here’s some reasons why you should keep on rolling.

Parking in front of your destination. Priceless. Replacing your windows after parking in front of a fire hydrant. Pricey.

So, that’s why.

Enough said?

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