Five reasons cats are great

People seem to be divided on the topic of cats. It would seem that you either love or hate cats and there is no in the middle. For those who love cats, it is a deep passion fascination which makes it nearly impossible to have just one singular cat. If you are on the other side of that fence, let me run you through some reasons why cats are great. Here’s the reasoning:

#1 – Low maintenance

They are happy as long as they get food and water. They couldn’t care any less when you get home or how long you’ve been gone as long as their bowls are not empty. When you think about it, cats are easier than plants as they don’t even need sunlight. But then again, I’ve never cleaned out a flower’s litter box.

#2 – Purr-fect Fall-guy

Now I’m not talking about their ability to jump from tall heights without a scratch (pun intended). We’ve all heard of blaming the dog for foul smells. Well your cat can be the scape goat if you think about it. They can’t defend themselves so use your imagination! Your bedroom must be a mess because of the cat chasing something. Maybe your cat scuffed the front bumper of your parent’s car. Global warming? Cats.

#3 – Free Exterminator

Cats love to catch mice. Fortunately or unfortunately, my cat just licks them and lets them go. So does that mean my pet cat has a pet mouse? Well, for the most part they can keep your house free from other rodents. That’s probably why there’s often cats in horse stables. Even horses have cats as pets!

#4 – Friend or Foe

When you have a cat, you really have a olive branch or a bargaining chip. When in the company of people who like cats, they’re a great conversation filler. Some men think using a baby will draw the attention of the other sex. Well cats can have the same effect. But there’s also the reverse. There’s a different story if you are in the company of someone who hates cats (and it’s always either love or hate with cats, no indifference, that’s the cat’s job). My mother-in-law is allergic to cats. Don’t you know it seems like every time she comes over I find myself holding and petting my cat. If the cat is not around, I grab some catnip from the drawer, where I also happen to keep a crucifix and wooden stake, and I sprinkle that stuff around like I’m Tinkerbell on speed. We have a wonderful relationship.

#5 – No Ucks Given, Ever

When you’re not using your cat to cause someone to have a potentially fatal medical condition, your cat is probably just chillin’. As alluded to in #4, cats have a certain indifference that would make the parent of any child with ADHD envious. Oh you’re home? Good, go feed me. Hey, there’s a burglar? That’s the dog’s job. Go make sure he doesn’t steal my food.


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