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  • Take ten minutes for meditation
  • 13 Tattoo regrets
    Some people use their bodies as a canvas to express themselves to the world. The only problem is that when things go wrong, they quickly realize that tattoos are forever. Good thing these next few people have no ‘ragrets’ and […]
  • Five reasons cats are great
    People seem to be divided on the topic of cats. It would seem that you either love or hate cats and there is no in the middle. For those who love cats, it is a deep passion fascination which makes […]
  • Awful men’s fashion
    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When you check out the following images of men’s fashion you’re going to want to rub sand in your eyes. It’s amazing to think that people make a living from […]
  • Pokémon Fashion is a Thing
    I’m not really one for fashion. I see to it that I wear the appropriate number of articles of clothing and strive to wear something different every day. Beyond that I’m lost. Some other people take this whole fashion thing […]
  • Worst Kid’s Costumes
    We’ve all heard the saying that our children are our future. Well, if that’s true then we are all screwed. If you’ve seen the new headlines recently there is no end to the stupid things that so-called ‘parents’ do or […]
  • Cutest Police Dogs
    It is said that dog is man’s best friend. We can see why. They do many great things for for us whether that is fetching the morning paper, making us feel safe from intruders in our homes, or simply the […]
  • Parking in Front of a Fire Hydrant is a Bad Idea
    So you’ve circled the block twelve times searching for a parking spot. There would be plenty of room if someone didn’t park in the middle of a space big enough for two cars. Part of you is almost wishing you […]