World's Tallest Buildings

      Building monuments as a representation of man's power dates back as far as the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Seeing them in person or standing on the top floor can be an awe-inspiring experience. For some, it's the ultimate ego trip to see just how tall we can build. You've heard all the slogans such as 'The bigger the better' and 'Go big or go home'. There has to be a little man with a bad comb-over trying to overcompensate building all of these towers. Well, for others, it has to do with need and practicality. In New York City for example there is little room to build out so they need to build up. In China there's so many mathematicians they need to find the space to fit them all. At least the more buildings they bulid the less room there will be for them to drive.
Regardless of the reason, here are the twelve tallest buildings in the whole world.

Keep in mind that there are a few buildings under construction that will eventually make this list.