Last Words of Influential People

      Every once in a while you will see articles about the last words ever spoken by serial killers and other famous criminals. When I wonder about the seemingly endless interest in someone's last words, I think it has to do with our instinct to leave this world with some kind of lasting impact. Or maybe we're looking for answers or a short endnote to a define a lifetime. Recently I've wondered why the focus would be on horrible people who took the life of someone else. It may be partly due to a culture that glorifies or at least celebrities (if that's not a word it is now) anyone of interest. There is such a fascination that it has become a habitual practice performed during the execution process. But rather than focus on terrible people, I wanted to shift focus onto people who during their lifetime were actual contributing members of society. Here's just a few.

While Elvis Presley's last words were, "I'm going to the bathroom to read", let's hope the next few last quotes give us a little more inspiration to live by."

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