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     Here's a complete archive of our articles. These web pages are comprised of great articles created by GetLOLs staff as well as through contributions by fans like you. Check out our Contribute page to submit your own content and become a helping hand. Each of our staff articles are painstakingly formulated in our laboratory. Formerly a Cold War era nuclear munitions facility, it's now a state-of-the-art laugh factory. The guy who sold it to us over the internet confirms there's exactly zero radioactivity and many plausible alternative explanations for our collective nausea and vomiting. But the important part is that we haven't been able to stop laughing or crying since this site was created. We have terrible fashion, celebrities behaving badly, the worst and most evil tattoos, funny costumes, cute dogs and the cutest cats, interesting and inspirational quotes, the worst drivers in the world, and so much more. So grab your favorite coffee or sports drink to stock up on your energy, because you're going to need it. Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of our hard labor.