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About Us

     Thank you for your interest in who we are and what we do. GetLoLs is dedicated to bringing the best content from around the web to our fans and followers. We strive to make it easy to find funny and fascinating articles that will make you smile and laugh or even think and learn something.

     To give you a little more background, I would like to introduce you to our parent company Created sometime around 2009, it was their goal to provide on-site IT solutions to small businesses. Nowadays, they provide online support and other internet related solutions.

     Back in 2006, their MMORPG Conquest was first conceived. As this was a side project, it took many years for this game to near completion. While it can be said that Conquest Online is still a work in progress, it is available for Free to the public for testing purposes.

     GetLOLs is partnered with and had its website hosted on their servers. We thank them tremendously for this and look forward to the years to come.
Thanks for reading.