• cute police dog

    Cutest Police Dogs

    They say that dogs are man's best friend. That is unless you're a criminal. A K-9 can do many great things for the police such as search & rescue, drug, bomb and fire detection, and more. We've found the cutest police dogs we hope you never run into.

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  • pokemon fashion

    Pokémon Fashion is a Thing

    Apparently, there's a fashion for everything if you know where to look. And based on this picture, I'm willing to take a closer look. Here we see that the great Pokemon craze of the 90s never really left. And for that we're grateful.

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  • worst kids costume

    Worst Kids Costumes Ever!

    Children are our future. And if that holds to be true, take shelter because we are all screwed. Does anybody know what were these parents were thinking when they decided to dress their kids up like this? Here's to awaiting the apocalypse.

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  • cat

    5 Reasons Cats Are Great

    Some people like cats, some like dogs. Others have contempt for all living beings. We say 'to each his own'. But there's something to be said for the laidback feline who doesn't care if you're coming or going. Here are five reasons why we prefur cats.

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  • fire hydrant

    Never Park in Front of a Fire Hydrant

    Sometimes that open parking spot you think you found turns out to be too good to be true. If you find a fire hydrant, stay far away. Here's a couple of good reasons why you should just keep on rolling.

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